Monday, January 31, 2005

Static Movement


"Kinetik I" by Latiff Mohidin (1998)
It represents P37r0n45, according to it's description plate. It sure is a nice artwork and I kinda like it actually but am yet to fully appreciate it. I guess the first step is to take digital images of it and tweak it around....cuz that's just me lah!

Standing still on its designated place and yet actually full of movements - inner parts and the outer parts. While some may fail to appreciate it, others may look at it as an admirable object.
Looking at it from various angles, we may find other meanings to it......

and while composing my shots, I somehow found a reflection of me - technically and literally..... at least from my angle of view.......
perhaps I will dwell into it later, perhaps.....

Can never get enough

Boy was it a short weekend...
Well, weekends will always be short if you have two cuties running around!

Here's Alisya, pix taken during Eiduladha @ my kampung in Segamat.
Ohh boy...she has beaten Naufal in the weight division - 1KG more .
At 13KG, with her height, she is a rather chubby girl!

<-- and that is Naufal ( afraid, be VERY afraid!!)

Thanx to Mama for the make-up!

Saturday, January 29, 2005


.....beef steak anyone?

One "lembu" for our family this year...

Gory huh? I was there at the slaughter house for more than 2 hours....and got used to the sight, sound and smell of the event
(wahlauwei!!!Photog has got to adopt fast to the environment maa!)

It took the workers less than 20 minutes to settle everything. Really fast, clean and efficient.

What's Up Doc?


Yeah...I am high on drugs! Drugs is better than blog!!Buahahahah!! (Joking meh!)

Have been delaying posting any updates till tonight due to sore throat, high & low body temperature, pain at the joints and this morning I can barely speak.

Almost completed the given dosage..hopefully I can recover soon.
Apart from the "heavy duty" during Eidul Adha kenduri, I think its partly due to the haze...

I realized that the haze is really bad...I took this one at about 8am on Friday.... we have fresh air for sale anywhere?!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Do we have time?

Watching Time

It's one of my favorite watches (well, I do not have many actually!)
This one's special cuz wifey love the design so much and bought it for me.
The other favorite one is a G-Shock that wifey and the twins bought for me, specially for Sepang F1 2004.

I am a simple person - well at least I really think I am lah - and for me, it's not about brand or prestige (i.e. the watch), but most importantly - watch is simply about time. Some people have watch to show-off (perhaps) some people have watch to show time....regardless whether they manage it effectively or not.

The thing is, we always seem to not have enough time.....why is it so? Is it because we have too many things to achieve within 24 hour time frame?

I look at "don't have enough time" from another angle....maybe it's not that we don't have enough time, but we don't treat time and the people or whatever thing we are supposed to do within that "time frame" with respect. We don't own time, the Almighty is the owner, we are only given the chance to use it...or rather we are being allocated a certain time frame for us to do things.

Confusing...but since I made it up, I understand it clearly lah! (I think!!)
To simplify it further - we need to "make use" of the "allocated" time for people and/or activities that are important or meaningful to us.....

....and as for now that "important activity" for me hug my kids and sleep! So...good night!

Hmmm....let's first watch was a Citizen, a present for getting number 1 in my first year class (something that became rather natural during my primary schooldays lah!). The first watch I lost was a Seiko 5 which I really love (present from parents for achieving something too). The second (and last hopefully) watch I lost was a Swatch - which I bought on my last trip to Kuching as a bachelor and it was on my wrist when I went on the pelamin a few years after that! Have no intention to buy any new watch(for now?) but what is more important is fulfilling my wish - to get Abah & Mak a Rado or Tissot as a gift.....insya-Allah...

Mak & Abah

Mak & Abah @ KLIA b4 Ramadhan Umrah

"The twins" with two most wonderful persons who brought me to this world.....
No words could ever describe how much I love them.
As much as they have filled my life with their love, they are doing the same for "the twins", who somehow prefer to call them Mak & Abah too!

Mak & Abah! We love you so much!

Next balik kampung, must try a cuppa here

Need coffee!

This is one of the coffee outlets in Kuching I discovered when we went back for Eid in Dec 2004. What attracted me was the orange sign and the simple!

For a newbie photog, I think this shot is not bad at all...

While I was busy composing shots, wifey went to a nearby supermarket to buy items for some "must have" raya meal preparation.

10 days in Kuching and we did not have the time to actually try a cuppa here! Made it a point that we'll have to try this one next time we're back in wife loves coffee (but I bet she loves me more than coffee lah!)

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Tri-cycling Weekend...and more to come

Mama & "the twins" @ Dataran Putrajaya

This pix was taken on Saturday morning. I am pretty sure that was the first time we been to Putrajaya in morning.

The kids were happy to be there (as always) and of course the main attraction to them was the playground near the Souq. Oh my..they were so fast running and climbing, I could not get many decent quality images of them!

We went for a dip in Sg Congkak in the evening, though the water is quite cold, they really enjoyed the dip...until we had to drag them out of the water!

Alisya is getting chubbier by the day and she must have her pink "handbag" when the outing involves riding in the MPV. One thing we noticed about her, she is beginning to bring along one of her little books with her, where ever she goes. At the same time, she loves to scribble things on papers - only printed papers, she will reject blank ones! She actually places the pen or pencil correctly in her palm!

Naufal on the other hand, still love to "analyze" things, he just could not restraint himself from checking out the items in our toolbox when I was fixing some minor flaw on their trike this evening...if only he's big enough to help me fix my mountain bike!! And oh yes...he kinda like Dash of "The Incredibles"......he imitates Dash's punches real good!

I am gonna bring recycled paper home and draw with them next weekend....every weekend seems to be getting more interesting with them. Wonder what it would be like when we do their first camping weekend...looking at the rate they are growing, its gonna be real soon!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Burning the bridge

(No Longer) My Best Workstation

That's my previous workstation, the best one I ever had in my years working in P37r0n45. Unfortunately, I have to clear it and vacant my permanent job position that allows me to have the workstation quite immediately after I was selected to join the current project team for one year (or so) .

It was not easy to be selected to join the team for a corporate wide strategic initiative. Also, it was a hard decision to let go of my permanent position but I have to think about what's best for me & my family.

Yeah....I am very happy to be with the current team, the best team I have ever being given the chance to join, frankly speaking. I quickly "revived" the skills and qualities in me that have died during my final years in p37ch3m - specifically in m17c0. Damaging years.

Last week and early this week, I spent the early hours of the day till dawn praying and revising the very thick syllabus for my re-assessment, after one year of being kept in the dark why I was denied my years overdue promotion . Actually I have learnt to accept that looking at how things have been going, I may not progress much in this organization.

...but Alhamdulillah, Allah is ever so grateful, after 1 hour of responding to the interviewers' questions with structured responses and reasonings coupled with the real practices I have done within the 8 years, I finally was told that as far as the interview session is concerned, I managed to qualify for my long due movement into a higher grade band.

I kinda impressed the interviewers too, it was very obvious to the main interviewer that I am qualified to move to the next level of position grade, I actually exceed in some of the requirements to be in that next position. "Really excellent" was one of his praises to my answers during the 1 hour session, while the others gave tacit approval for the remark, coupled with slow and steady nods (something that most people excels doing in meetings and such!)

A few hours after that, raising from sujud syukur, I quietly told myself....I am not that bad after all lah! .....and all this is for my Alisya, Naufal and lovely wife. dunno when I will officially get the grade but at least the main hurdle is done.

Talking to Nah after Maghrib today, I still wonder what would it be like if those people - in m17c0 or any units in that case - holding current managerial positions are to be asked to go through the same procedure......would they qualify to be in the position they are now?

Ahh well......something that's hard to get will mean a lot more to you. Just like what Hisham my good ol' T+ team mate, said to me "Good things come in small packages...."


~ thanx to the excellent HR stupid strategic policies (in their own definition! in real terms - syok sendiri!) for my years overdue, painted with damaging confusions, lack of coaching and endless frustrations.
~ good-bye my ex-workstation, the opportunity to be there was nice....but I am eying for better ones insya-Allah
~ good-bye my previous position, I wish you could wait for me while I am here for a year or two...
~ good-bye and my sincerest thanx and apologies for anything I may have done to my previous unit of great colleagues...thanx for the 6 months of welcoming me...

~ thanx mak & abah for your doa
~ thanx mama, alisya & naufal for your love
~ thanx my T+ comrades for your support

....let's keep the small packages coming!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Fast and furiously save....

Sepang 2004 F1 Marshal Car Team

Got an e-mail earlier this week from the team leader - Mike, notifying that together with some others, I have been selected to (again) be one of the drivers of the Fast Intervention Vehicle (FIV) for Sepang F1 2005.

The pix posted above, well that's our team, The Sepang 2004 F1 Medical Marshal Car Drivers (I am the fat one, third from right).

People might think we are crazy idiots: weeks of training session on the F1 track, from 6am to 6pm, wrapped in the hot Nomex suit under the flaming hot sun, without being paid a single Rm...but for the love of the sports and the spirit of camaraderie, we'll do it again this year (and next year too perhaps Mike?!) Well, who would want to miss the opportunity to floor the accelerator of a "very special edition Waja" on the F1 track?

No intention of detailing out how it works but making it to the team is not as easy as it still be in the team after the weeks of training is even harder. To put it simple: the FIV must be at the incident spot less than 90 seconds upon being notified about the incident, WITHOUT a single scratch on the body of the car....and the important thing - with the Doctor and the Paramedic still breathing!
- A scratch on the car during the training period - you're out!
- Fail to be on the track at 6am - you're out!
- Cannot fit into the Nomex suit - you're out!! <--- (This one was the biggest challenge for me lah!)

For 2004, I think we pretty much made a mark as a very dedicated , disciplined and committed marshal car team ever being selected for the Malaysian F1 event (oh yaa....perhaps "the very the gila" team too huh Captain Azmi?!)

Looking forward to be with the bunch again! Sepang here we come!

Note: SPEED KILLS!! I seldom drive above 120km/h on the normal road!

Monday, January 10, 2005

Look daddy...I can dance!

Their first (and me too actually!) invitation to a Punjabi Wedding

Brought up in a kampung, I never attended any wedding reception except of the Malays. Only when I started working do I get the invitations to many non-Malay weddings.

Different story for my kids though....their first invitation to a Punjabi wedding starts when they were not even 20 months of age!
I am posting the pix of Alisya with her "handbag" which she insisted to carry (cuz Mama has one too!)...inside that cute bag is her bottle of formula milk! Talk about being independent at an early age!

Close to her is Naufal, trying his version of "Bhangra"....ohhh boy was he really at it!!

On our way back home, Naufal was still smiling and extending his hands as if he was "bhangra-ing"...

Oh my.....must be from Mama (dancing, acting etc. cuz she was active in arts and such during her college years).

Me? Well yeah I was (maybe still am?) deeply into arts too....hard core martial artist!

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Praying is better than sleeping

The Kubah in Putrajaya

This is a recent photo I captured - was trying my skills in full manual exposure and composition, pure amateur stuff this one is.

Anyways......what prompted me to post this one up was an incident during the Friday prayer yesterday. The KLCC masjid was quite packed and I arrived quite late (to my definition) but zuhur was yet to arrive.

After a few attempts to get a space for solat sunat, I managed to get a spot, where two brothers were comfortable sleeping.....Maybe they were very tired from work or what. The space they occupied while sitting bersila & sleeping is enough for two brothers to perform sunat prayer.

I am not saying they were not considerate, no.

My point is, why do people come to Friday prayer early and sleep, instead of doing sunat prayers or reciting the Quran or listening to the ceramah?

Maybe we treat Friday prayer as a "must do" instead of "love to do" event....maybe.....
I dunno....

I have never been to a rave party....Do people go there to sit and sleep while waiting for the main event to happen?

Friday, January 07, 2005

Weekend on wheels

The best exercise for me....

The first time they were placed on a stroller (or a jogger rather) their age were less than 7 days. From then, on Saturday & Sunday morning, we would always bring them for a stroll around the neighbourhood, well unless its raining or we have other activities planned for the weekend.

It is a joy that I can't quite describe in words.....pushing the three wheelers and talking to them, though they may not have understood (or not fully understood - kids nowadays are far smarter than us those days!), their facial expressions, the smiles, squints and the baby language they spoke in response...ahhh man, I would trade my life to make those moments last forever!

Now they are almost 2 years of age, and though the joggers are still there, they are more into riding their trike now.....and I am still enjoying and always looking forward to our weekend morning walk and talk, still am and will always be, for ever and ever.

Oh my its already Friday....wish can I forward the clock so that its Saturday morning...

Thursday, January 06, 2005

....and I am the luckiest father in the world

Naufal & Alisya: Eid 2004

Wanna know why "torqxic inc." is my published name?
Simply because I am intoxicated by the joy and love from my two kids and my lovely wife.
...they are my reason to keep on breathing.

The first may not be the best...but its the first nevertheless

Woke up very early this morning.....went through some usual sites....and decided to create a new blog thus why I am typing this one up.

The intent is to write a paragraph of just about anything, everyday, while keeping the other blog for things I would write from my heart (read: I'd shed tears while writing of reading them again) far I think I have managed to keep the intent 100% (huhuuhuhuk!!)

Lets keep it coming!